Club Tularosa 2024


Club Tularosa (Lionel, and Ray AKA Capes) - Los Angles, California.

The veins of Los Angeles’ club scene are pumping with new life, thanks in large part to Club Tularosa. This up-and-coming duo, Ray Barragan and Lionel Rifkin, tap their affinity for post-punk and new wave, mixing a fresh, alternative dance sound all their own. We’re excited to host the well-loved duo holding it down in our home city. 


Club Tularosa



Where would you say you grew up?

I was born in LA, then moved to Melbourne Australia, then San Diego, and now have been back in LA since 2012. 

So I'd say I "grew up" aka got in the most trouble in Melbourne and San Diego.


What inspired you to get into your most current style of dance music?

I'd say my good friend Corey Hurley aka Colour Vision and Nick Guy Grey introduced me to what at the time was like electro/indie type stuff, and I loved it; it mixed all the sounds I grew up with in a fresh way. I started DJing parties with Corey and Nick in San Diego and it was a lot of fun.


My Dad listened to a lot of new wave, prog rock, krautrock stuff, my Grandpa had a crazy jazz collection, and my Mom listened disco and 80s pop (one of the first concerts I remember going to was my mom took me to see Kylie Minogue in St. Kilda). Also in Melbourne there was a lot of good house and electronic music on the radio, I didn't really think of it at dance music at the time at the time but remember really liking Daft Punk, Crystal Waters, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers,  and stuff like that. I remember Fat of the Land being one of the first cds I ever bought. 


I guess what I currently like in dance music is always changing, but it’s mostly rooted in and influenced by rock, new wave, post punk, 80s, disco, 90s, house, funk, soul etc..


What are your most memorable parties or clubs you have DJed at?

That’s a tough one. 


Some notable moments have been playing in Freddie’s Room at Pikes Hotel with Man Power, The House of Red Doors party at Renate in Berlin (holy shit), Bar Charlie in Munich (shout out Ben and Fred), La Dame Noir in Marseille was crazy it was in this narrow, low ceiling, stone tunnel right next to the sea, lots of lasers and we were told specifically not to go above 125 bpm.


Playing with Gerd Janson and Prosumer at one of the Me Me Me parties in Newcastle was also incredible. Such a lovely crowd.


TopazDeluxe in Monterrey has also become like a second home to us, we’ve definitely played some of our favorite parties there - always such a warm sweet crowd. And we love the crew there, last time we played they made custom Club Tularosa key chains for us.


What are you currently working on (music, events, upcoming gigs) that you are excited about?

We’re currently working on a remix for Lumiere Noir, should be coming out in February. 


We’ve also excited to have been asked to come back and play Midnight Lover’s yearly NYE Extravaganza.


Also some original music in the works as well.


What goes on when not making music or DJing / do you have a day job? 

I work in sales and marketing for licensed cannabis companies. 


Ray AKA Capes:


Where would you say you grew up?

I grew up in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Bouncing between San Pedro & Torrance. 


What inspired you to get into your most current style of dance music?

It was a mixture of being introduced to Punk & Disco at a very young age. 


When I was 12 years old (2002) I discovered The Misfits through the Transworld 'In Bloom' skate video. From there I forced my mother to take me to Tower records and purchased 'The Collections Vol. I & II'. My older siblings were a huge part of the punk trend that came with the massive wave of skate culture in the early 00's. I started going to shows before I graduated elementary school. It catapulted me into self discovery and identity along with musical experimentation and rebellious attitudes.


Growing up I was always around italo disco and freestyle. It was such a big part of my family that I couldn't tell you the first time I've heard dance music. My mother was (what was referred to in the chicano community as 'disco loca') she frequented backyard and banquet halls during the 80's and brought home music for us to listen to while we executed Sunday chores. A lot of that carried over to family gatherings and bbq's too. 


As I got older I realized that the two correlated well in DIY culture and bridged the gap within the Manchester sound (I.e. anything factory records) which lended a huge part of my angsty high school career. Through college the indie sleaze/ electroclash/ disco scene was prevalent and I found salvation at parties like Rhonda & the DIY warehouse scene such as Sarcastic & Making Shapes, where I could hear all things relevant to my past.


It inspired me so much I gave up my punk band and started DJ'ing.


Today, I naturally fuse the three together. It's widely apparent in our sound as Club Tularosa (or any secret edits that I make. ;) )


What are your most memorable parties or clubs you have DJed at?

I've had the pleasure of playing incredible festivals such as HARD or super clubs in the middle east. But when it comes down to it, nothing compares to the exuberant, raw energy at Freddie's in Pikes, Ibiza. 


What are you currently working on (music, events, upcoming gigs) that you are excited about?

Currently wrapping up a remix for Chloe's label ~ Lumiere Noir. As well as NYE with Midnight Lovers. We'll also be heading to India in February and another round of EU dates come early summer '24.


I've got a couple solo releases in the pipeline as Capes (@__Capes__) too, in addition to loads of shows across LA & Mexico through the end of 2023.


What goes on when not making music or DJing / do you have a day job? 

I assist at a local radio station here in LA called where we host streams of local DJ's. It's a really cool house party vibe. We started back in April and it has really taken off, sparking interest from both local heros and touring DJ's.


In addition, I recently started a record label/ event series/ clothing line called @sensorysignal and we'll be hosting Lauren Flax & Pale Blue in a really awesome DIY space come Dec. 15th. As well as a release from my partner Jesse Lemus (@adulthits). Give us a follow to stay in touch.

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