CHIDA 2024

Chida - Tokyo, Japan.

Chida is a true DJ’s DJ. A long-standing figurehead in the Tokyo dance scene known for his seemingly endless sets and mastery of craft, Chida deserves every ounce of love and admiration he receives. We’re honored to host this mix from the living legend himself, entitled “Eculture, 1993-2003.”



Where would you say you grew up?

I grew up in Japan. Actually I was born in Sendai, 100 kilometers north of Fukushima, and moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school.

Since then, I live in Tokyo for 31 years.


What inspired you to get into your most current style of dance music?

Everyone who met since I travel to the world as DJ since 2012 inspired me very much.

As a matter of fact, my mix contains 15tracks by friends I’ve met in Europe, US and Japan.


What are your most memorable parties or clubs you have DJed at?

After hours party at Sarcastic Lab. In Spring 2003. The night was my very first experience of real warehouse party and the night has changed my music life. 

After that, I always imagine about that night and keep trying to find new music fits that vibes.


What are you currently working on (music, events, upcoming gigs) that you are excited about?

Since lockdown time 2020-2022, I did remix for another 7-8artists. But now I’m working on my own debut album. Hopefully it’ll release in 2024. 

Also, I’m really excited about to do my next Asian tour in January incl. gig at KLYMAX(DJ HARVEY will be open up on New Years eve).


In Japan, I’ll be playing at Mitsuki(Shibuya) and Aoyama Zero monthly. Both place is my home ground now.


Jan.12 SAVAGE(Ha Noi) 

Jan.13 TBA

Jan.19 Zodiac(Jakarta)

Jan.20 KLYMAX(Bali)


What goes on when not making music or DJing / do you have a day job? 

Since 2009, I’m doing only my own label “Ene Records” , produce music and DJing.

So, I’m always diggin new music, cleaning vinyl at day time. 

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