Black Bones (Timmy, and Aaron) - Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Coming to us from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Black Bones brings with them a left-of-center range of the obscure, from deconstructed disco edits to ravey, driving techno. Wholeheartedly committed to their local dance scene, the DJ/Producer duo flies relatively under the radar. Press play and let Black Bones give you a glimpse into Belfast’s thriving alternative underground. 


black bones

Where would you say you grew up?

Timmy: Safe to say i'm east Belfast through and through. I moved here when I was about 8 years old and never strayed that far, even hosting monthly parties in the area now.


Aaron: I always say I grew up in Belfast. To be exact in and around the city over the years. Now I live in the east side, not that far from Timmy.


What inspired you to get into your most current style of dance music?

Timmy: For me, it was via an introduction to electro music through the Street Sounds compilations, as a young kid with a hunger for something new. That really ignited a life long love affair with drum machines and that rawness you get when you cut, layer and switch up great samples. The music I play and make to this day, I can still trace back to those early ideologies.


Aaron: I'm not sure there's a simple answer to that question! Probably once I discovered 'dance' music I soon realised how little I knew about it and did everything in my power to find out. I was listening to all these underground artists - often they only made a few tracks on obscure labels with rudimentary equipment.  Those records weren't polished. They sound rough and have so much personality. Done for the love of it. That's what inspires me.


What are your most memorable parties or clubs you have DJed at?

Timmy: I adore the nights at the Hack Club on the Sandown Road in East Belfast. In these fake news times, those nights feel very authentic to me and are providing an important period for Belfast. When Aaron and I played at the Golden Lion in Todmorden, it had that sense of uniqueness & authenticity too. Anywhere that’s intimate with an ability to move around when DJing, always seem to be the most memorable and fun.


Aaron: I prefer the smaller, more intimate venues. Especially if there is a good system to play on. Golden Lion ticked all those boxes. 


What are you currently working on (music, events, upcoming gigs) that you are excited about?

Timmy: We have a dance floor focussed 12” coming soon as the second release on a new label called Mystic Arts. We are featured on a vinyl compilation called All Trades Vol 1&2 out next month on Emotional Response. We are also starting a new label that’s gonna be percussive club tracks, each release working with a great drummer. The first one has been a joy to work on, we recorded with Eamon Ferris who was in Sinead O’Connor's (RIP) band. We had a great session with Eamon, working across a range of different tempos and rhythms and it’s been interesting working those original stems into robust tools this last while. We are currently planning a a little Irish tour for early next year around the release of the Mystic Arts record, taking in dates in Belfast, Dublin & Cork in some special venues in each city.


Aaron: See above....


What goes on when not making music or DJing / do you have a day job? 

Timmy: My whole life kinda revolves around music and the creative arts sector. I’ve been self employed for decades, so if I’m not in the studio or djing, i’m planning and running my own events, or designing and delivering workshops in the creative arts sector around music production, film making & digital technologies.


Aaron: I'm a freelance documentary director. I have just set up a tv indy (something I swore never to do!) with a colleague/friend, so busy with that. 

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